Agent Pro - Tradeplus

Agent Pro [Tradeplus] - Agents and Distributors are looking for high activity and 100% data production trading software for their business and it's necessary too. The process is 100% accurate reports user friendly will reduce our workload. We have created the appropriate software for agents and distributors to remove practical problems in their traditional trading with our unique feature of AGENT PRO [Tradeplus]

Unique Features

  • Android Apps integrated
  • Import sales order from mobile
  • Export route, city and customers to mobile
  • Multiple profit centers in same system [ Using multiple RC ]
  • Load chart

Other Features

  • Multiple receipt entry
  • Route wise area wise collection and pending
  • Invoice base on profit center or where house
  • Invoice based on route and city
  • Stock transfer
  • Auto backup and backup scheduling
  • User rights management
  • Trail balance
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet

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