Chits Easy is providing multiple range of solution for small and mid level chit fund companies. The application will save your valuable time with our unique feature of the CHIT-EASY. This application designed to manage various types of chits like Bidding chits, fixed slab chits, daily collection, Weekly collection, Monthly collection. One person can be a member of multiple chits.

We provide Android apps to cut off your data entry time, it will import the records from the mobile with in a second even it is ten thousand collection entries.

Key Fetaures
  • Mobile application for collection
  • One ledger [Member] can be member in multiple chits
  • Multi group creation
  • Member group interchange
  • Multi collection { single entry for even it is 10 months pending }
  • Collection boy / Agent module
  • Route wise, area wise, agent / collation boy wise, group wise collection and pending
  • Member discontinue
  • Member change against discontinued member
  • Chit analysis and profit analy

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