Ecommerce Portal

Ecommerce Portal - Ongoing trend for e-shopping has make it mandatory for every type of business sector to have an ecommerce portal through which buying and selling of goods can be processed and leads for potential buyers can be generated. A company's website is an e-shop, therefore it should be user friendly so that visitors can access it without any kind of hassle or confusion. E-Commerce portals in the Enterprise sector that can be individually adapted to the requirements of your company and customers. Already existing systems such as those for ERP, logistics, PIM-systems or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be flexibly integrated with our Ecommerce Portals. Ecommerce Portals have become an integral part of doing business, both online and in person. They make it easy to access important information and find the particular data that you are looking for. They are easy to personalize, and show information to users based on their login and credentials. Portals also make it possible for certain groups, such as employees, suppliers, etc., to do business more efficiently. Having a vendor portal system saves both yours and the vendors’ businesses valuable time while making doing business easier for all of you.

Key Features
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Customer Management
  • Orders
  • Shipping
  • Vendors
  • Reports

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