Textiles Management Software - QTex

QTex - Textiles Management Software mainly designed for the Textiles, Silk Sarees Shop, Apparels Showroom, Readymade Showrooms, Retail Textile Shops and so on. Our Billing Software has many features like Multiple floor Billing, Product Categorization, Product Code Options, Barcode Priniting, Fixing Cost based on the Material or the Pieces, Inventory, Stock Management, Accounts Management, Customer Previlage Card and Complete Sales Reports (Floor Wise, Counter Wise,Product Wise, Salesman Wise). Our Textile Billing Software can handle all the needs of textile shop in most efficient, effective & accurate way and it can be used by any textile shops from a small showroom to a big shop with multiple users. Our Software is Very User friendly, Simple to use, Easy to implement and flexible to customize. After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind our success. QTex is well known for its flexibility it can be used as Textile Billing Software, Apparel Billing Software, Garment Billing Software, Readymade Showroom Software, Retail Textile Shops Billing Software, Fashion Store software, Retail Management Software, Saree Retail Software, Readymade shop, Textile shop.

  • Highly Experienced - We engage highly experienced professional for the development.
  • Super Flexible - Q-Tex is flexible for any size and volume of shop.
  • Amazing Support - We provide top class installation and after sales support.

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